Satellite Internet for the Home

Satellite internet for the home is the latest in internet technology. Internet via satellite comes in three different forms. The first form is a two-way satellite service. This form of internet service offers high speed satellite internet to consumers for both downloading and uploading information to the WWW. One way multi-cast and one-way systems that utilize a terrestrial return offer high speed downloads but slower upload connection speeds. Some of the satellite technologies that are utilized by satellite internet providers are VSAT systems and Ku band frequencies.

In addition to internet access, satellite internet for the home can also include optional features and services. A satellite internet phone is one of those optional services that you can add to your service plan. Internet phones are an affordable alternative to land lines and cell phones. They offer you free long distance and simultaneous phone and internet connection. To use an internet phone you will need to subscribe to a service and you will need to install software onto your computer. The second optional feature that you can add to two-way satellite internet service packages are dial up connections. These will allow you to overcome transmission latency issues that satellite internet services have. Another optional service that you can add to your home satellite internet service is video conferencing software and hardware. There is generally no service charge for this optional feature. However, you will need to buy the camera and software.

When you are pricing satellite internet for home use you will need to really examine what comes with each service package. You really shouldn’t select a service provider simply based on the fact that they are a cheap satellite internet provider. After all you will get what you pay for. However, you can find affordable service packages from reputable service providers if you shop around and keep your eyes open for installation specials. In fact if you look for a half installation special you can save around $300 on the installation.