Internet Fax Service Is the Bee’s Knees

Some things never change. But the world of business and the types of technology businesses use to communicate between and amongst themselves is not one of those things. And as the new communication technology continues to advance, businesses have to keep up in order to grow and evolve.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an example: Ever notice there aren’t any delivery service providers that still use a horse-and-buggy? Of course you have. That’s cause the horse-and-buggy is a ridiculously outdated piece of technology. With cars and trucks and ships and planes, we can deliver parcels faster than ever before. So why would any company that needs to deliver things still be using a horse-and-buggy?

That’s why none of them do, because it would be impossible for a delivery service to be able to thrive and prosper without the proper transportation technology.

That being said, you’re not reading this today as a means to improve your delivery company, and it be a waste of our time to write about it, since any delivery company that still uses a horse-and-buggy is likely long out of business.

So how can you make sure your company doesn’t go out of business? By switching all of their basic fax machines into providing Online Fax Service.

One of the biggest new advancements in business technology, internet fax service allows you to send and receive faxes to email, which provides a plethora of different advantages over traditional “old-school” faxing, including:

It’s environmentally friendly! Recent estimate figures state the average American office worker wastes up to 10,000 sheets of paper. If the cost alone of that stat doesn’t make you shiver, think of the effect it had on the environment.

Then think of how much paper (and money) you’ll save with online fax services. By getting your faxes directly onto your computer or smartphone, you’ll be saving on the tremendous waste of paper sending and receiving traditional faxes involves.

It’s convenient! If someone previously said “I’ll fax it to you,” it meant you could only receive whatever “it” was from one place; your fax machine. But with faxes to email service now being provided, and with a high majority of new cellular phones receiving email service, you’ll be able to view the fax from wherever, whenever.

It’s cheap. With a plethora of different online fax service providers to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect plan for you. It’s worth noting that when we say perfect plan, we’re talking as much about the cost as we are about the fax service itself. And as we previously mentioned, the amount of paper your company uses will decrease dramatically, something that will only help to reduce company-wide spending.