Getting an Idea About the Future of Internet

I have a question. Did anyone think that internet would come to present situation or is anyone thinking at what end it will stop? There are being performed many research and surveys and they are telling several thoughts but a common discovery has been revealed from them that the internet will become a principle supervisor of the world economy, culture and our daily life.

Internet has come through a long way to the present position but still there is ongoing and incessant improvement in the bandwidth, speed, flexibility and functionality of the internet. In future internet, the bandwidth will increase to around 10 Mbps and it can be offered through the existing system like telephone based DSL connections and cable connections. The dream of high quality and resolution video, audio, gaming and virtual reality will come to real world. But there are some disadvantages in those connections also, like incompatible with remote connection and lack of flexibility. Here comes the idea of wireless internet connection. It is still now in the baby-care period respectively, but most specialists are telling that it will govern the coming age of internet. Future internet will change the style of how world is operated. It will spark the globalization. Access to knowledge and information will be very easy and at very low cost. It will create revolution in the typical concept of communication. It will erase all boundaries among the global communities. Virtual reality will come in hand of common people because 3D graphics is becoming more sophisticated and advanced technology compatible with complex analog environment will be affordable. VOIP service already exists but in future the age of internet video phones is coming.

In future internet will integrate with other technologies. Internet service will become an indivisible part of televisions, phones, portable digital equipments and home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave oven etc. A major portion of people of the present world live in the urban area and the percentage is increasing day by day which makes urban environments a complex and dense spaces. In this situation energy distribution system named as smart power grid, have a need of intelligent distribution system to manage all complex issues effectively. Here comes the internet. In future, internet will be considered as the most efficient tool for enabling the infrastructure to control, manage, optimize and improve all difficult issues. Because internet can provide multiplicity of services and enable the supervision of several aspects.

The future internet will have great impact on economy and business of the world. It will speed up the process of technological innovation and globalization and it will make billion of millionaires in the every corner of the world. It will end the age of paper money. The internet will drive the world to cashless society. The dictatorship of world economy will divide among many hands. In the current world there is a customary concept of becoming rich country or nation is the country should have vast natural resources. But in future internet will make the concept false and many countries will raise their head using the manpower.