Internet Fax Service Is the Bee’s Knees

Some things never change. But the world of business and the types of technology businesses use to communicate between and amongst themselves is not one of those things. And as the new communication technology continues to advance, businesses have to keep up in order to grow and evolve.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an example: Ever notice there aren’t any delivery service providers that still use a horse-and-buggy? Of course you have. That’s cause the horse-and-buggy is a ridiculously outdated piece of technology. With cars and trucks and ships and planes, we can deliver parcels faster than ever before. So why would any company that needs to deliver things still be using a horse-and-buggy?

That’s why none of them do, because it would be impossible for a delivery service to be able to thrive and prosper without the proper transportation technology.

That being said, you’re not reading this today as a means to improve your delivery company, and it be a waste of our time to write about it, since any delivery company that still uses a horse-and-buggy is likely long out of business.

So how can you make sure your company doesn’t go out of business? By switching all of their basic fax machines into providing Online Fax Service.

One of the biggest new advancements in business technology, internet fax service allows you to send and receive faxes to email, which provides a plethora of different advantages over traditional “old-school” faxing, including:

It’s environmentally friendly! Recent estimate figures state the average American office worker wastes up to 10,000 sheets of paper. If the cost alone of that stat doesn’t make you shiver, think of the effect it had on the environment.

Then think of how much paper (and money) you’ll save with online fax services. By getting your faxes directly onto your computer or smartphone, you’ll be saving on the tremendous waste of paper sending and receiving traditional faxes involves.

It’s convenient! If someone previously said “I’ll fax it to you,” it meant you could only receive whatever “it” was from one place; your fax machine. But with faxes to email service now being provided, and with a high majority of new cellular phones receiving email service, you’ll be able to view the fax from wherever, whenever.

It’s cheap. With a plethora of different online fax service providers to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect plan for you. It’s worth noting that when we say perfect plan, we’re talking as much about the cost as we are about the fax service itself. And as we previously mentioned, the amount of paper your company uses will decrease dramatically, something that will only help to reduce company-wide spending.

Technology, Internet, Hackers, Spyware, Malware and the Future

The hackers are causing havoc and spyware and malware is ruining the Internet. The Internet is the greatest communication device ever created in the history of mankind, but if it is attacked and made unusable then all is lost. Some people feel that there are just too many different types of ways people can communicated with them.

Pager, Cellphone, e-mail, Skype, website online form, forums, Blogs, VoIP, home phone and the list is expanding not decreasing. But so many are Internet based and most use phone lines or cell towers and thus it is all vulnerable and must be secure from WiFi, Mobile 3G, VoIP, security threats. That is crucial indeed.

Regarding the abundant communication tools, I myself attempt to keep it simple and understand all the comments from books like “Data Smog” and the comments of the uni-bomber (not his deplorable actions, his actual comments) with regards too humanism view points; “Personal Technology, future of trans-humanism VS. what it is to be human arguments” and yet I see some incredible opportunities and enjoy Ray Kurzweil’s stuff.

In fact, I was having a rather interesting conversation about that the other day a friend about that, we are quite fortunate to have all these great communications tools. The Internet is the greatest communication device ever created and if it can be kept from hacker abuses, then it can become something even greater.

I believe like Tim Berners Lee and others that it is time to upgrade it for the next wave of technology, the Internet II if you will or III. In the future, I believe Arthur C Clarke’s concepts will come alive with social networks and thought swapping vie some very tiny computer-brain interface. And the funny thing is that some can kind of do this already, I call them “Human Plus” and I am beginning to believe that other species do too, dolphins, some types of birds, etc, as I have been reading some interesting research on it all.

What will the future bring, we shall know soon enough. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

Leverage Technology in Your Online Business

The recent surge in online businesses is a direct result of recent economic pressures on individuals and families. As corporations tighten their belt more workers are discovering the reality of unemployment, underemployment, or redeployment. Additionally, severe adjustments in the financial market have beaten down the value of retirement accounts. The search for alternatives ways to build financial security has led many to consider a home based business built upon internet technology.

Internet technology is currently accessible by more than 1.2 billion people world wide, each using the internet as a fundamental part of their daily life – as examples: for education, entertainment, commerce, and personal management. The search for the right information and the right products begins with the internet. Internet marketing aims at presenting the right product to the right people at the right time, thereby setting up a potential client/supplier relationship. The proper use of technology is essential in the early stages of this relationship.

A successful business owner masters the technology that is most relevant to the business. For internet marketing, it is the technology of the internet that must be mastered. But one must be a student of the technology before achieving mastery of the technology.

The elements of being an effective student are:

  • Attitude: the mindset in which the task is approached. This has more impact on success versus failure than any other single element. Get this right, and your challenge is mostly…
  • Discipline: regular study and consistent focus. A walk through Barnes & Noble reveals an amazing array of attractions in many genre. But when you are on a mission to build a home business, these become distractions. Ask yourself: “What books do I spend my discretionary time with?”
  • Curriculum: the plan for mastering internet technology. Among the many paths to learn about internet technology, an entrepreneur must select the path that meets the needs of the business. Start by defining each element of the business and the technology that will provide that element. Then identify the most relevant learning materials for that technology. Finally, establish a curriculum and a study/practice regimen.
  • Application: the most potent method of learning. An effective business owner implements the technology and the processes needed for the business.
  • Evaluation: measuring and evaluating results. The first instantiation of technology – a website, a lead-capture page, a video – will likely not be the best. The most successful internet marketers constantly measure and evaluate the processes they implement within their business. Low-yielding processes are improved or replaced. High-yielding processes are replicated.
  • Improvement: continual evolution and tuning. On-going measurement and evaluation leads to improvement and a better business with less cost and less time. The goal is to constantly improve profit margin and ROI.
  • Mentor and Master Mind: a business mentor and a group of like-minded supporters. A business owner learns from a mentor’s mistakes or learns from his own – it is his choice. He can also travel with a master-mind group that has the same objectives combined with burning desire to succeed, or he can walk the path alone – again, it is his choice.

These simple steps can lead to mastery of the technology upon which an internet business is built. Is it critical that a business owner becomes a master of the technology that leads to success.

Internet Stock Trading – Great Way To Invest

With the immense technological advancement and the advent or invasion of computers at almost every nook and corner of this world, the concept of Internet stock trading has gained massive popularity among all sections of the masses. Stock trading, which has been a way of profit making for only a privileged few for ages is now exercised by all and sundry. Internet stock trading has in fact become the second source of primary income for millions of people of varied professions all across the globe.

Due to its speed and transparency in trading methods, Internet stock trading is preferred by many. Nowadays, with the sophisticated technologies in place, Internet has provided the investor a major trading platform. Similarly, the brokers have also been equally benefited by these technologies. Internet now acts as an interface between the stock exchange, the broker and the investor for executing various securities transactions.

An online broker can execute a large number of transactions for a large client base. More importantly these extremely sophisticated and efficient technology and software are now available at very low costs. Technology is also getting upgraded day by day to keep pace with the growing and varied needs of the customers.

To begin with, the investor signs an agreement with his Internet broker and gets access to a password enabled trading terminal on his computer. Thereby, he gets access to real-time trade information on the offers and bids. He also gets information such as the last offered bid, volume last traded including the rate and quantity. He can set his own choice of market watch for various shares that he is interested in. Internet also enables him to constantly track his portfolio, the value of which gets updated on a real-time basis. Internet-based stock trading is fast, hassle free and transparent. Once the investor places his order, it goes to the broker’s trading server and from there to the main stock exchange. After the order gets executed, the confirmation along with the order number, trade number and time of execution all flows in to the client.

With the type of interface that works in an Internet-based stock trading mechanism, the brokers have full power to control the activities of their clients on a real-time basis. The broker can fix advance exposure limits of the clients on the basis of the deposit by the client with the broker. Risk management for brokers has thus become easy and the mechanism is absolutely flawless as is needed while dealing with these faceless customers.

The traditional methods of placing orders either through phone calls or by personally visiting the broker’s office are now almost forgotten stories. The days of face-to-face interaction generating arguments, frustrations, debates, discussions and disputes are now over. Increasingly busy life and acute time crunch has gladly led to the acceptance and adoption of the new system of Internet-based stock trading. Ease of trading and settlement along with reduced transaction costs of seamless trading systems have made the life of brokers as well investors a lot easier.

The advent of Internet-based trading have brought about a sea-change in the volume of stock transactions made per day, the nature and settlement of stock trading and the profile of market participants. Internet stock trading is considered an exciting way of trading in stocks as transaction can be completed within minutes and sometimes within seconds. With the immense popularity of web-based stock trading, there might be a huge number of investors online at the same time executing orders and that might result in very quick price changes. At times, there might be communication lags and this factor might make online trading a bit risky affair. All investors performing online trading are thus advised to set price limit orders as a safeguard against major losses.

Even with all its benefits, Internet stock trading has its own flaws and might prove to be extremely risky at times. It is therefore always advised that investors should only trade with money that they can afford to lose. Constant alertness is another primary requirement of Internet traders. It is essential that you spend some time learning the basic facts and figures of online trading before venturing into it. With knowledge comes wisdom, which can improve your chances of increasing profits.

Internet Marketing, Get Past the Technology

Internet marketing today is all about the technology. Designing and deploying an outstanding website, putting together a great blog, launching a comprehensive auto responder e-mail campaign, as well as the mass distribution of articles and press releases are all aspects of today’s state-of-the-art Internet marketing technologies. These tools are essential to online success, and because of their rapid evolution, require constant tweaking and adjustment. Unless you want to be bypassed or left in the dust, it is imperative that your suite of Internet tools and technologies are constantly refreshed and represent the cutting edge of the industry.

Which is why you need to get past the technology. Internet marketing today, although simple in concept, is becoming increasingly complex in application. Because everything changes so rapidly, and there are so many options and nuances to master, it is difficult to be expert at everything. Simply staying current on one component, such as website design or blog maintenance is difficult enough. But trying to master everything while staying abreast of all of the developments in all technology areas is next to impossible-at least for one person. Big internet marketing organizations employ entire teams of people to do this. Even at that, they still have a difficult time keeping up.

An Internet marketer should focus on one thing-selling. Prospecting, developing leads, qualifying prospects and even front end sales are important tasks, but not the most important. The more time you spend actually selling and building business, the more money you will make. And because virtually all of these marketing functions can be automated, successful entrepreneurs outsource them to organizational or individual experts. By outsourcing the mundane tasks, the Internet entrepreneur can manage the fun part-actually closing deals and making money.

To find an outsourcing organization, look for a company that was created by Internet superstars who have made their fortunes online. The company should offer a turnkey, tried and proven system that can virtually guarantee online success. Of course, outsourcing is not free-there will be an investment required to hand off these technology functions. However an Internet marketing business is just that-a business. It will require a commitment of capital and focused effort in order to succeed. Deploy your resources wisely, work hard, and there is no limit to the online success that you will achieve.